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To provide affordable healthcare of globally accepted standards to people of all walks of life with care

Being situated in Junagadh, the emerging medical capital of Saurashtra, is Junagadh’s First and most advanced tertiary health care, in the field of Gastroenterology and Laparoscopic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Urosurgery, etc
Trimurti Hospital with its pioneering work has evolved to be the first and the only centre in Junagadh with subspecialties in Hepatobilliary, Colorectal, Upper GI surgery, Endogynaecology, Scarless surgery (Zero mark surgery) and many more like first ever Neurosurgery unit in Saurashtra region, Fully equipped ICU, Gynaecology & Obstetric division, Orthopaedic Surgery division.
The centre is a 150 bedded hospital with the most advanced and latest technology, equipments and infrastructure facilities and above all a team of well trained, experienced and dedicated doctors and paramedical staff.
The kind of confidence, trust it has developed on strong foundation of the state-of-the-art facilities, best medical expertise, education and charitable endeavors; that today it serves patients from all walks of life – national and international.
The hospital is located at the heart of Junagadh , very near to the new ST Bus Stand.The hospital started functioning in 1983 with 5 beds . Initially had only a couple of doctors & paramedical staff.
Today, it boasts of 150 beds with one of the largest Intensive Care Units (ICUs), most advanced 4 Operation Theaters, more than 7 consultants , a team of 10 Medical officers and manpower of nearly 100.Hospital attends to around 100 In-patients and 200 Out-patients daily.

"Our Services"

General Surgery
The department of general surgery has now become a Secondary & Tertiary referral center. An increasing number of patients with complex ailments and patients treated or operated at other centers are referred to Trimurti Hospital for state-of-the-art modern management (in operation theatres, surgical intensive care unit, & wards) Apart from those requiring routine operations, quite a number of patients with Acute Severe Pancreatitis, Septic Abdomen, Bowel Obstruction, are treated In the intensive care unit.
Since 2005 the department has started Laparoscopic operations with imported High Defination Maxer camera, Xenon light source, & automatic Co2 gas insufflators. Apart from Laparoscopic removal of gallbladder,other operations like bile duct explorations, appendicectomy, hernia repair, colonic excision, splenectomy etc. are also performed laparoscopically. The hospital has acquired a Bipolar Vessel Sealing Cautery for safer & quicker laparoscopic & open operation. All the laparoscopic equipment are handled & used under constant supervision of trained technicians.
Government Authorised Centre for “RSBY” scheme… through which poor patients are getting Surgical management of their diseases free of charge since past 3 Years.


A dedicated C-arm is available in the endoscopy room. An adult anesthesia trolley permits us to perform all high risk patients’ endoscopic procedures safely. All endoscopic procedures are recorded on DVD and detailed printed reports are generated within minutes of completing the procedure. Most of the cases are performed on OPD/Day care basis.
• Diagnostic Upper GI Endoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy.
• Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies.
• Endoscopic treatment of bleeding ulcers and varices.
• Endoscopic placement of feeding tubes and stents.
• Endoscopic removal of polyps and dilation for strictures.
• Endoscopic removal of bile duct stones and placement of stents.
• Diagnosis and early treatment of GI cancers.

Gastrointestinal Surgery
•Dedicated theaters for Laparoscopic and GI Surgeries : which are performed on regular basis including supra major done regularly.

•Well equipped Anesthesia machines with invasive and non invasive monitoring facilities.

•Excellent ICU back up with round the clock staff support form ICU to take care of Critical patients.

Minimal Invasive Surgery( Laproscopic Surgery)
•Routine Laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder, appendicular and abdominal hernia.
• Advanced Upper Gastrointestinal operations like Hellers Cardiomyotomy, antireflux operations and Gastrectomies.
• Colorectal Resection for Malignant conditions

Colorectal Surgery

• All Modalities of treatment including complex and non complex cases (Medical and Surgical)
• Treatment for common diseases affecting the lower rectum and anus (Hemorrhoids, Anal fissures, Fistula, Etc.)
• Banding and infrared Techniques
• Flexible and Rigid Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy


• We have latest surgical techniques for brain tumors, vascular malformations, trauma, and epilepsy surgery
• We have dedicated “stroke response team” to deal with acute onset stroke with a dedicated stroke unit,
• 24hrs on call neurologists and neurosurgeon consultant and resident doctors,
• 24 hrs facilities for mechanical thrombectomy or emergency surgeries like decompressive craniotomy with clot extraction
• Using state of the art surgical equipments, precise surgeries are possible resulting in excellent results and function preserving surgeries
• With availability of top of the line imaging modalities and dedicated surgical ICU along with a high dependency unit, the post operative care becomes easier.
• With dedicated operation theatre and 24 hour on call consultant, traumatic brain and spinal injuries, acute stroke get treatment within the “Golden period” resulting in much faster and complete recovery.
Services Available
• Trauma: The department looks after all types of Neuro trauma 24 hours as and when the need arises.
• Cranial surgery: All types of tumors, vascular malformations, intra cranial bleeds and other pathologies like hydrocephalus are dealt with.
• Spinal Surgery: All varieties of spinal surgery including CV Junction surgery and anterior and posterior surgery, functional and reconstructive surgery, spinal cord tumors, congenital anomalies, all types of fusions.

Urology Department

We are equipped with latest and most effective Lithotripser for treatment of stones.
The Urology team is well experienced to carry out operations like
• Endrology: cystoscopy, DJ stenting, Uretenoscopy (VRS), TURP , PCNL.
• Pediatric Urology: PU valve fulguration, VUR Surgery.
• Uro-oncology: Radical Nephroctomy, Radical adrenaltomy, Radicalcyctectomy, Radical Prostectomy, Radical Penectomy, Radical Orchidectomy.
• DJ Laparoscopic Operations for renal and prostrate caranoma and PVJ obstructions.
• Andrology: Testicular Biopsy CTESE, Microsurgical Varicocelectomy, VEA, VVA, Penile Prosthesis implant, Testicular implant.

Critical Care

The Department of Critical Care has 10 beds in all, with an high dependency unit (HDU).
The team comprises Chief Intensivists, Junior Intensivists and Medical Officers and well-experienced and trained nursing & paramedical staff with an ongoing training and educational programme at all levels.
Facilities available
• Multi channel monitoring including ETCO2,
• ICP monitoring, Invasive BP monitoring.
• Bedside 2D Echo, Sonography & Doppler studies in co-ordination with other departments.
• Hemodialysis Unit :
• Sophisticated ventilators-both for invasive & non invasive ventilation : 6 in number
• Proximity to OT complex.
• Resuscitation equipment, maintenance of crash carts & defibrillation equipment and advanced airway devices.
Services available
This unit caters to a cohort of patients from different specialties like General medicine, General surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Gynecology & Pediatrics and Super specialities i.e. Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology, Urology, Neuro surgery.
The team attends to casualty and resuscitation calls from the hospital.

Internal Medicine

Outdoor, indoor and emergency services are available round the clock.

• Emergency Medical Care: Facility from casualty to the intensive care is available for diagnosis and management of medical emergencies. The physician and his/her team are the first to attend on such patients.
• Routine Medical Care: Beside routine examination and diagnosis of diseases like Hyper tension, Diabetes,Cardiac problems, Thyroid Disorders, Rheumatic diseases ( Joint & Bone Pains), Respiratory Disorders like : Asthma,LRTI,etc ; followed by investigation and treatment.
• All types of fever and infections, are also managed by the department.
• Health Checkup Clinic : Executive Body Check up plans, Complete Body Check up plans & more… are available

Gynaecology & Obstetric Division

Starting at birth , changes form an integral part of a female’s life, from the innocent young girl to a confused adolescent with millions of questions clouding her mind, from the anxious wife trying to conceive, to the mother struggling to breast feed, from the working professional , to the completely irrational woman with hot flushes…. We at Trimurti Gynaec Unit understand them all…
Our aim is to provide all your requirements under one roof. That is the reason we offer most diagnostic tests & services within our centre.
Services available :
• Obstetric & Gynaecology Consultation
• Facility for Normal & Assisted Delivery
• Facility for Caesarean Section Delivery
• Chiranjeevi Yojna for poor patients
• Government recognized MTP ( abortion ) centre
• Fertility Services
• Pre Marital Counselling
• Prgnancy care & Antenatal Care
• Family Planning Services
• Endoscopy ( Laparoscopy + Hysterescopy )
Laparoscopy + Hysterescopy can be performed for :-
• Polyps & fibroids remaoval
• Detecting uterine adhesions are bands of scar tissue that can form in the uterus & may lead to changes in menstrual flow as well as scar tissue
• Abnormal bleeding : identifying the cause of heavy / light bleeding, as well as bleeding between the periods or after menopause
• Ultrasounography